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The Desolate Stretch

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 22, 2014, 9:45 PM
Whoops. Forgot to do this. I got distracted upon my return by relaxation, my job, and work with my band. That, and I'm a lazy bastard on any day ending in a "y". True story.

Trip! How'd that go for me?

Fuck Greyhound. Seriously. Don't go Greyhound. If you must, hitch across America. It's probably safer. Surely I don't mean that, right? Well, I was almost left in Texas and Arizona due to the drivers forgetting to give me the correct pass to reenter the bus I was scheduled to be on for 22 hours, almost kicked off in New Mexico by a drunk Greyhound official and a non-English speaking Mexican woman beside me because she was trying to hook up with someone to get a visa (not being racist here: she had a temporary visa to see her boyfriend in LA and before we hit Tucson had started making out with the non-Spanish speaking guy in the seat across from us), and at one point, I was left in a parking lot by the train tracks in Indio, California from 23:00 to 2:00 waiting for a transfer. But it's okay; I had a lovely conversation with the schizo that kept burning her hair with a lighter and scraping off registration numbers from license plates, and with the male prostitute trying to fuck me for some carrots (but he did tell me I apparently have sexy veins in my arms, so I've got that going for me). Or the smoker's cage in Dallas, which is open to the street, where a guy came up trying to get my shoes. Yay! You know, it's funny: the places everyone told me would be dangerous were fine. The places that no one mentioned is where I had to deal with the sludge of the social decay. And I am the sludge of the social decay, so that should give you an idea of what I had to deal with. Go Greyhound: Get Laid By The Tracks For Some Carrots!

I didn't intend to use Greyhound, but it had to be that way. Originally, my plan was to earn what I could on the road for food and use the money I had for gas to take my car. I tried to get 10 days off of work to do that, which would have timed out about right. Then, I was offered a car with twice the MPG, so I was able to cut back on the time off and make it 7 days. Then, one day before I was to leave, the offer disappeared like a fucking magician's rabbit, so I no longer had the time or money to get my own car there, and couldn't reschedule my hours for it. Yummy. So, it was bus or broke. And I should have gone with "broke", quit my job, and started walking. The better of the two options.

Aside from that, the trip was quite interesting. Anything to say about it? Well, not exactly. Oh, there was a lot of good in it, but these are words on a screen. It's something to experience. Between the gypsy artist community in the mountains of South California, to trying to find parking in downtown Santa Monica, to getting stuck in the desert by some asshole local's misdirections for 3 hours in the intense sun, it's certainly a life lesson. As for the ocean, well, I can't describe it. What was it like to me? It was like water. What the hell did you expect, it's a huge puddle; admittedly, a pretty neat one, but still. But what it meant was something ineffable. A moment I could truly feel like I was alive in the moment. Awake. Human. Real. And just like that, it was over. On to something new. The human struggle! Laughing at the vacuous futility of capturing a moment. And it was worth everything that preceded it. Something you can't get from a television.

Anyway, I'm about to go get my head x-rayed and scanned tomorrow. I've developed intense migraines, and I might as well get this amnesia stuff checked out. You know, I can't remember working on a single thing I have posted here anymore. None of it. I remember doing it. I remember the experience. Just not being a part of it. Memory is strange like that. Our dreams show us that it doesn't even exist outside of how we allow it to. And my history of chemical abuse hasn't done me favors. Or, actually, it may have. Whatevs. My health has been doing okayish outside of that lately. Day by day, ya know? Financially, I'm damn near starving, but eh. I live in Louisiana; nothing I can do about that!

See ya around, peeps.

Oh, and the music that played while I was typing this:
Any Which Way by The Scissor Sisters
A Day In The Life by Handsome Boy Modeling School
Golden Light by Starfucker
Sugar by System of a Down
Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
Hit That by The Offspring
Sanctuary by Gareth Emery featuring Lucy Saunders
Just Got Wicked by Cold
Remedy by Seether


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